Lit By the Cancer Moon by Ava Pearl (ePUB)

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Lit by the Cancer Moon (The Passionate Zodiac #4) by Ava Pearl – Free eBooks Download


LOlivia Tescari, “Liv”
Who does he think he is? Sauntering in here, questioning my qualifications as a nurse midwife, just when I’m about to delivery his sister’s twins?
With this expensive suit and flashy good looks, he thinks he can throw money around and make the world bend to his will.
Why is he getting under my skin? Why am I so hot for him?
He probably won’t like a small-town girl like me anyway. Especially once he finds out my secret.

Gunnar Donnelly
My little sister is the only family I have, after our parents passed.
I’ve worked tirelessly to make the money I have, to ensure our survival, and comfort.
And what does she do? Get pregnant with twins and opt for a home birth, in a pool? How is that safe? And how can this young beauty in her twenties possibly know how to safely delivery babies?
I was angry and scared, and all right, I know, I was also Rude.
But damn if she didn’t put me in my place. And with every moment we spend together, I’m falling harder and harder for her.
She’s the woman for me, and someday soon, she’ll see that too.

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