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Lane Daughtry is a world-famous popstar with a bad boy reputation. He’s rude to interviewers and fans alike but the controversy keeps him in the spotlight. Only, he has a huge secret. The whole rebel attitude is just an act. He is actually incredibly shy, with terrible stage fright, and grew up working at his mother’s diner in a small town in Nebraska. But if he wants to keep his dream of stardom alive, he has to keep pretending to be someone completely different than himself. It’s exhausting and lonely work. He wishes there were someone he could be real around.

Nate Lockes used to be a bodyguard at nightclubs around Seattle until he went deaf three years ago. He lost most of his friends and his job to people treating him like he was different and broken. He slowly has built back up his confidence and is trying to find people who will respect him and respect his disability, but it’s hard after losing so much trust in people at once. But when his only friend who stuck with him wants his help convincing a certain popstar to sign with her record label, he’s sucked into a world that wasn’t built for people like him, but he wants to prove he belongs anyway.

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