Lisa’s Love at First Sight by Miranda Martin (ePUB)

lisa's love, miranda martin

Lisa’s Love at First Sight (Red Planet Jungle #10) by Miranda Martin – Free eBooks Download


In the final book of the Red Planet Jungle series, love ignites like an instantaneous bonfire. When Komik, a powerful and loyal Zmaj warrior, first sets eyes on the human female Lisa, his heart is immediately captured. Lisa, the last surviving human female without a mate, feels the same instant attraction to the exotic and imposing Zmaj.
But their love is in danger of ending before it can even get started. Komik is bound by the sacred vows of his Order, and the fierce Zmaj has never considered breaking them until the arrival of the exotic human female. Despite this, he is irresistibly drawn to her, and his primal instincts awaken. He knows that she is his treasure.
An even greater threat to their future, the future of all the humans, is the Order. They are led by a powerful and malevolent Eye that controls the Red Planet Jungle, and they will stop at nothing to use the females as breeding material. Komik and Lisa’s mission takes them through dangerous territory as they fight to overthrow the Order and escape to a new home where their love can flourish.

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