Lips On My World by M.J. Marino (ePUB)

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Lips On My World (Mercy Ravens MC #3) by M.J. Marino – Free eBooks Download


He thinks he can take her from me, but he’s wrong. He already stole one family from me, and I refuse to let him take another. She’s mine and I protect what’s mine.

Maceo “Atlas” Tabares, president of the Mercy Ravens MC and alpha extraordinaire, has finally married the pixie-like woman who shares the other half of his soul. As their love grows, so does Maceo’s need to protect her. Josephine wears the title First Lady proudly, yet understands this new life comes with a warning label.
With a new home, thriving businesses, and everyone they love surrounding them, their future looks bright as they begin the next chapter in their lives. But the retired Navy SEAL has made several enemies working as a mercenary, and one man he can’t shake.

Esteban Moreno, Colombian drug lord, has been looming over Maceo for years like a dark shadow, waiting for the opportune moment to approach him. A buried secret keeps him coming back. Maceo’s military experience is ideal for running his drug-trafficking empire, and Josephine is the incentive Esteban needs to bring Maceo to heel.
Heads will roll before Maceo bends a knee to his greatest enemy. With his padre’s journal, the devotion of his crew, and help from an unlikely source, Maceo pieces together the clues to hunt down the man who threatens to take everything he holds dear in this world.

Can Maceo track down Esteban before the drug lord can put his plan into action? With Josephine in a fragile state, will she be able to protect herself and the most precious gift Maceo has given her? Will this ride-or-die alpha couple survive their greatest challenge and finally have the happily ever after they deserve?

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