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Lips On My Heart (Mercy Ravens MC #1) by M.J. Marino – Free eBooks Download


Not all the best decisions in life come from making logical choices. Going off the path most chosen sometimes brings you to where you were always meant to be.

Josephine Holland doesn’t veer from the path of least resistance. She may appear fragile like a pixie, but Josephine takes control like a dictator with a Napoleon Complex. An awful ex-boyfriend has left her with a sour taste for any future relationships. Josephine wipes the slate clean for a fresh start in Fort Collins, Colorado. With no time for nonsense, Josephine busies herself with her start-up design company and hopes for the best.
Maceo Tabares, a man who oozes trouble, is only interested in no-strings-attached hookups. The former Navy SEAL’s life is dangerous, and a target is always on his back. A relationship would only complicate things. Tired of the vagabond lifestyle, he chooses Fort Collins as his headquarters for his crew, with plans of expanding his security company. Maceo longs for stability, but having an old lady to share his life with is not in the cards.
So when a chance encounter on a hiking trail has these two conflicting characters running into each other—literally—neither one is interested in anything beyond a stolen moment. What neither of them expected was for a spark to form after that single encounter—a spark that would burn down their defensive walls and throw their clear-cut paths into unfamiliar territory.
Josephine’s reaction is to flee while Maceo’s is to pursue.
Josephine has no intentions of seeing Maceo again, but fate intervenes. When she meets her new client, Atlas, President of the Mercy Ravens MC, she comes face-to-face with Maceo, and all bets are off.
When a potential stalker puts Josephine in danger, Maceo will stop at nothing to protect the woman who has consumed his life. Several hurdles must be cleared for them to have a fighting chance, but will their love be enough fight off all those that want to to do them harm? Will love conquer all for these two headstrong lovers?

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