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lion's mate, ashleigh jameson

Lion’s Mate (Alpha Securities) by Ashleigh Jameson – Free eBooks Download


A lion searching for the missing piece of his soul.
Lion shifter Caleb Mane is busy rebuilding his life after suffering a tragedy. As the owner of Alpha Securities and the biggest hearthrob in his little town, Caleb is a free agent. Being the only male in his pride, the urge to seek out a mate is strong. Unrelenting. But after his loss, all thoughts of finding that special person has been relegated to the back of his mind, while he works on piecing himself together . However, when life aligns in such a way that fate brings him a gorgeous mate, Caleb knows he’s been given a second chance in life. In love. That said, he first needs to convince his human mate that they are destined for one another. It shouldn’t be an issue though; Caleb will have no problem winning his curvy goddess over with his cheeky smile and witty charm. Or so he thinks.

A woman on the run, searching for her confidence and a safe life.
Penny Hoffman has finally decided to leave the life and home she once knew. A bullied childhood and abusive marriage has wrecked any and all sense of confidence and assertiveness in herself, and she drives into the town of Rayleigh, Wyoming a broken woman. Slowly, she begins to pick herself up and build a new life in this beautiful town encapsulated by the magnificent Bluetree Mountains. But a sudden meeting with the sexiest man she’s ever seen throws her new life in a spin. Penny has no idea what to do, or how to keep her heart steady under his mesmerizing presence. He pursues her relentlessly, keeps her safe, and invites her to shed the burden of her past so she can live each new moment as it unfolds. When a whole new world starts opening up to Penny, her broken heart warns her that this can only end in one way, but Caleb is determined to prove her wrong. To prove to her that she is entitled to all the love and happiness she so deeply craves.

As Caleb and Penny grow closer, their dark pasts threaten to keep them apart and steal their happiness away once and for all. Will Caleb convince his mate that despite her insecurities, there’s nobody else his heart could have ever wanted? Can Penny trust him to keep her fragile heart safe?

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