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lion brothers, lilly wilder

Lion Brothers (Lion Pride #2) by Lilly Wilder – Free eBooks Download


Proposed to by a human, kidnapped by lions, now I’m caught in the middle and I don’t know what to do!
‘Emilia, will you marry me?’
Those words should have made me happy, instead they just made me run.
I’d seen how quickly good marriages could turn bad when my parents divorced and I wasn’t sure I wanted to invite the same heartbreak into my life.

So, I went to the forest to think.
There I saw two men in the lake except… except they were more than men.
I ran from them too, but they caught me and they took me away.

They showed me things that I had never dreamed of before. I hated them at first, but the more I got to know them the more my feelings deepened for these half-brothers.
They took me to different worlds, but while I was on this wondrous journey my boyfriend was back at home, still waiting for me to answer my proposal.
Does he deserve an answer, or do I just keep having fun with my lion lovers?

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