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They say there’s life after tragedy, but Gracen Donnell had yet to find proof of that. After surviving a nasty car crash, she’d been smothered like a chicken fried steak in gravy by her mother. Isolated when the learning curve that came with blindness hit, she fought her way through the dark tunnel of depression only to fall face-first into a puddle of stagnation. With the stale waters choking her to death, she’s desperate to shake things up and forge a new path. Seeking an eye prosthesis that will help her blend into society and give her the confidence boost, she makes a move to shut her mother’s overbearing ways down.
Once she heard Dr. Leland Wilson’s sexy baritone and experienced his skilled hands moving over her, she didn’t need sight to know he was smoking hot. The interest he showed skirted the line of doctor and patient. Fifteen years her senior, Leland’s a man who knows what he wants. She’s willing to help him bend the rules, to explore their attraction. Being the object of her dominant man’s intensity is wakening parts of her that have been in stasis. If she could get her family to start seeing her as the independent woman she once was, she might have her cake and eat it too.
Guilt continued to be a powerful motivator, and she learned first-hand anything worth having needs to be fought for. When the power struggle leads to physical injury, all bets are off.

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