Lily Saves An Alien by Dane Griggs (ePUB)

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Lily Saves An Alien (Koko’s Harbor for Wayward Fated Mates #1) by Dane Griggs – Free eBooks Download


Lilith Blackwell needs a fresh start.

After finally dumping her loser ex-boyfriend, Lily is on her way to move back in with her beloved Aunt Zizi. Just until she gets her feet back under her. While crossing the country, Lily’s path takes an unexpected detour when she stumbles upon the enchanting town of Lublin Harbor during its springtime ‘love’ festival.
A bizarre twist of fate strands Lily in the midst of the festivities, leading her to the sanctuary of a secluded cabin owned by Koko, the town’s enigmatic mayor and bakery shop owner. Little does Lily realize that her brief respite will soon be turned upside down when an alien spaceship crash lands almost on her doorstep.
As Lily rescues and nurses an injured alien named Ravok back to health, a bond blossoms between them, transcending language and stirring feelings in Lily deeper than any she has experienced before. But as their connection grows, so does the mystery surrounding their serendipitous meeting and the danger posed by those still searching for Ravok.
Prepare to be charmed, enchanted, and swept away by a romance that brings two souls from different worlds together. “Lily Saves an Alien” is a heartwarming tale that explores the transformative power of love, the magic of two individuals finding solace in one another, and how sometimes, the most unexpected encounters can lead to the most magical outcomes.

But in a town where nothing is quite as it seems, the question remains: is Lily and Ravok’s encounter truly as accidental as it seems?

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