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Lilies and Lies (Endless Obsession) by Ember Davis – Free eBooks Download


My father was not a good man, but his murder still weighs heavily on my heart. He never let me in on the family’s business dealings, which I was thankful for. Until now. With no family left, I’m the last Scavo at the top of an empire I’ve never been interested in running.
I don’t have a clue where to start and there’s only one man I can think of who might be able to help me. When I see Constantino Agosti again it’s to ask for his help, but at what cost? Everything has a price and money is not the only currency.
Bartering with myself and my future isn’t something I was prepared to do, but what other choice do I have? His whispered words and sweet caresses make me look past the man with blood on his hands. Once he owns my heart, I’ll have nothing left to give. I can only hope everything doesn’t crumble around me.

Her father should have never brought her to the meeting. The moment I saw her, he sealed their fates. Lily Scavo belongs in my life and in my bed. When she’s left alone in this cold, cruel world, she’ll come to me for help. Then I’ll own her.
Being a patient man who looks at all the angles makes me invaluable to my family and it’s a skill which serves me well with my plan to make Lily mine. I resign myself to watching her, obsessing over every detail of her life, until the perfect opportunity presents itself.
When I’m there to help her through the loss of her father, everything falls into place. She’s been a princess her whole life, but now it’s time to make her my queen. I can never let her know the depth of my depravity or my obsession. There are too many lies between us, but, even if she finds out, I’m never letting her go.

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