Like Father, Like Son by Jayda Marx (ePUB)

like father like son, jayda marx

Like Father, Like Son by Jayda Marx – Free eBooks Download


Theo – My dad Hudson is my best friend. We have similar interests and love spending time together. We even work together – he’s my boss at the company where we’ve both made a great living. I appreciate my time with him, especially since things weren’t always so easy between us; we had a bumpy patch several years ago (all my fault), but he accepted me back with open arms and we’ve been inseparable ever since.
Because we spend so much time together, neither of us have a love life to speak of. But when I realize that I’ve built a great life but have no one special to share it with, I turn to the world of online dating. I give the website information to Dad as well; he’s a great guy who deserves someone special of his own.
Through bad timing, bad advice, and coincidence, we end up falling for the same young man named Ezra Wayne. He’s sweet, funny, drop dead gorgeous…and neither of us want to let him go. Will our anger and jealousy turn us against one another and cost us Ezra’s love? Or can we find a way to make this relationship work between the three of us, and unlock sexiness, passion and love like we’ve never known?

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