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lighthouse beach, cindy jaide

Lighthouse Beach (Love and Lighthouses #1) by Cindy Jaide – Free eBooks Download


One small town. Four best friends. A lifetime of secrets that could destroy them.
Once upon a time, life made sense. That was before.
When Samantha’s husband died in a fire, she didn’t think she’d ever feel whole again. Then the lighthouse went up for sale. Sam and her husband had always dreamed of living in a lighthouse together. Now she finally has the chance to, but is she brave enough to embark on this adventure on her own?
Jennifer is going through a divorce. Nobody knows. Nobody will ever know. If she has her way, she’ll just leave Bright Cove quietly and without much fuss. She can tell everyone it was a work transfer, and they’ll never be the wiser.
Tiffany still doesn’t know what to do about Rhett’s cheating. She loves him more than anything, but is their love strong enough to survive his infidelity?
Rebecca is the powerhouse of the group. Strong, driven, and goal-oriented, it’s no wonder that she’s got one of the best jobs in town, but when her boss pressures her to trade her body for a promotion, she has to make a hard choice.
As Sam and her friends tear out the old wallpaper and remove the faded furniture from her new lighthouse, secrets come to the surface of their lives…secrets that Samantha never knew about.
Will these secrets tear the group apart?
Or will they be able to remember where they came from, and that they can get through anything?

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