Lies that Sinners Tell by Anne Malcom (ePUB)

lies that sinners tell, anne malcom

Lies that Sinners Tell (The Klutch Duet #1) by Anne Malcom – Free eBooks Download


Darkness asked her to dance.
It started with a cold stare.
An arrangement.
A deal with a devil in a bespoke suit.
He was wicked. Cruel. No sane person would fall in love with him.
But sanity abandoned her the second she agreed to be his.
She chose to take his hand.
It started with a white dress.
With ocean eyes.
With a woman he had to have, even though he had no business touching her porcelain skin.
She was never meant to enter his world.
He dragged her in anyway.
It was meant to be about his twisted, selfish desires.
She gave him a glimpse of the man he could’ve been had the world not turned him into a monster.
He led her into the abyss.
There, in the darkness, she learned wicked things.
He knew he’d ruin her life, loving her. So he lied. Like the sinner he was, he broke her gentle, precious heart.
Like only a devil could.
But the dance had to end.

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