Lick of Longing by Krysta Fox (ePUB)

lick of longing, krysta fox

Lick of Longing (The Starlight City #4) by Krysta Fox – Free eBooks Download


He’s the ex-military loner content to leave the world behind for the peace of his mountain territory. She’s the spark of life he’s been missing all these years. Can their one hot night on the mountain turn into a lifetime of forever?

I’ve made this trip through the Starlight Mountains enough times that I could drive it with my eyes closed. After my car dies near the peak, I’m sure I can walk to safety. But when a sudden snowstorm blows through and a pack of real wolves begins circling, my only chance at rescue might be the silent mountain man who carries me to his home. Can I break through his defenses and convince him I’m what he really needs? Or will he leave me out in the cold?

No one bothers me up on my mountain, not even the wolves that roam nearby, and that’s exactly the way I like it. When a pack gets too close, I’m not afraid to leave my cozy cabin and chase them away. But what I find in the snow that night might have the power to change my life forever. Am I brave enough to win her heart? Or will I drive her away too?

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