Letting Go by Rebecca Ryan (ePUB)

letting go, rebecca ryan

Letting Go (Echo Bay #2) by Rebecca Ryan – Free eBooks Download


“I know I need to let go–but I don’t know how.”

When her parents are killed in a car accident, Chloe Russo runs away from tragedy, college, and everyone who loves her.Trapped in a cult led by a man obsessed with her, she finally escapes and begins building a life for herself while on the run and in hiding. Now she’s returned to Echo Bay, well-aware she doesn’t deserve forgiveness, let alone love and romance. The trouble is her family is too nice…and Bryce Tucker is handsome, ripped, kind, and totally focused on her.

As part of Colton Security, Bryce watches Chloe reunite with her family. Her inability to let go of her past and trust in a better future echos his own personal struggle. He’s also trying to escape a tragic past–a past trying hard to catch up with him. While Chloe tries to normalize her life, working as a chef at her family’s Inn, Bryce remains on high alert. He knows two facts Chloe doesn’t: 1) the man who took her from her family is planning to do it again, and 2) Bryce will do anything, take any risk, to make sure that never happens and she’s safe.

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