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lethal love, perri forrest

Lethal Love by Perri Forrest – Free eBooks Download


I loved a man and I thought he loved me.
So, his cheating-ass ways were a big surprise to me.
Even more shocking, was who he risked it all for…
somebody I never had a reason to believe, was a whore.
But I blame me…
Because I’m usually better about who’s in my space,
knowing that those in relationships, sometimes wear more than a single face.
They wanted to tap dance on someone’s heart.
They probably should’ve thought long and hard about that part.
So now because of what was done…
it’s only fair that I have me some fun.
I guess now they need to be shown the error of their ways.
To the point that they’re asking to see better days.
Cue the deep sigh…
Now, in the middle of my storm, something new fell in my path.
Something beautiful, something amazing… he came with a taste of something I’ve never had.
There’s absolutely no rushing, to the beat of love, present in my view…
But once my mission is complete, who knows what my heart will want to do?
The only disclaimer I’ll offer is this…

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