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let him stay, alejandro marrero

Let Him Stay (Stay #1) by Alejandro Marrero – Free eBooks Download


Jacob, after years of hard work and school, got the job of his dreams! He finally left his hometown with its cold winters in Maryland to become a Professor in one of Miami, Florida’s most prestigious private colleges. He even has a house in a good neighborhood. The only thing missing for this lonely professor in this relatively New City is love. Yet, every time he tries to go out of his comfort zone to search for it, he ends up disappointed. He is starting to give up.

Leonardo is from Ecuador and a college graduate. He came to the United States on a student visa to become a Landscape Designer. Now, the current administration in charge of the government has made it near impossible for immigrants to be hired. Even creating more challenges for companies to sponsor his stay in the United States after he got his degree. Now, his student-visa has expired. Leonardo has to deal with anti-immigrant rhetoric almost daily. This isn’t the same country he thought it was when he first arrived here for his education. Leonardo is also incredibly lonely but doesn’t have time for dating. He only has time to work doing cash-only jobs that he’s terribly overqualified for and underpaid to do. He also is overpaying in cash for efficiency with a landlord that takes advantage of his design talents.

When by chance, Jacob and Leonardo meet there worlds quickly are turned around. The only question left now for Leonardo is will the universe Let Him Stay to enjoy it.

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