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Lesser of Two Evils by K. S. Martin – Free eBooks Download


Ethan has spent his life hunting criminal shifters and dragging them back to the council for prosecution. Lately though he’s lost interest in that life. He wants to settle down with a pretty mate and have his own pack of pups. When one of his suspects is murdered, Ethan has to step in and take command of the pack. He decides to stay and pursue the life he’s dreamt of, but there are no suitable mates in his new pack. Ethan has to find a suitable mate if he’s going to stay with this pack as it’s alpha.

Kerry thinks she will spend the rest of her life with Eric when he returns from school. They are the only unmated wolves in the pack and they’ve grown up together, so naturally they will mate. At least that’s what she thinks until her mother tells her that she will either mate a stranger or Eric’s Alpha father, because Eric is not coming back. She has to choose the lesser of two evils, the stranger, or the nasty piece of work that is Eric’s father.

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