LeAnn Ashers Series Starter Collection by LeAnn Ashers (ePUB)

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LeAnn Ashers Series Starter Collection by LeAnn Ashers – Free eBooks Download


From MC Romance to Romantic Suspense novels…
This is a collection of Series Starters by USA Today Bestselling Author LeAnn Ashers.

PROTECTING HIS FOREVER – I’m ruthless, especially when it comes to Sydney. She has a stalker, and he’s brought company. I will do whatever it takes to keep her safe. But, when we’re hit with a surprise, our lives are changed forever.

TORCH – Three guys tried to kidnap me. One man saved me. Being blind, I was already terrified of my every move, the unknown frightening. One moment, one ordinary day, changed my life and led me to my forever. His name is Torch.

LANE – I love two people in this world more than life itself: Amelia and my daughter, Tiffany. Someone made the biggest mistake of their life by trying to take them both away. Game on.

SMILEY – The Devil Souls and The Grim Sinners were brought together to fight the biggest battle yet. We had to protect our families at any cost.

GAGE – The President of the rival MC decided to step up his game against the Grim Sinners Rebels. What he didn’t realize, however, was that the devil himself knew better. You don’t play chicken with the reaper. And the reaper was Gage.

BONUS BOOK : This set includes a bonus book, DAMON by Teagan Wilde, Leann’s shifter romance pen name.

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