Layne Closure Ahead by Sadie Winchester (ePUB)

layne closure ahead, sadie winchester

Layne Closure Ahead (Broken Alliances #2) by Sadie Winchester – Free eBooks Download


Alliances are broken and hearts stolen.

The story continues for Layne, the daughter of the infamous criminal kingpin, Scott O’Reilly. Layne’s life has since taken a dark turn after parting ways with Joey De Luca, the man who betrayed her after stealing her heart.
While struggling to overcome the demons of her past, the O’Reilly empire is crumbling all around her and putting her life at risk. When a new man shows up promising to be her savior if she agrees to an alliance and a love affair with him, Layne finds herself questioning where she stands and who she stands with.

Can her family’s business be saved before her time is up or will everything go down in flames? Don’t ask twice.

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