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Layla Meets Her Match (LA Rays #2) by Ranee S. Clark – Free eBooks Download


I’m not interested in falling in love.
I used to dream of a glamorous life, falling in love, being a star. But between working at my best friend’s bakery, taking care of my sweet baby girl, and dealing with the fact that my movie star ex is nonexistent in her life, reality has replaced my dreams with a new one: living a small, safe life with my amazing friends and daughter, and staying far away from romance.
So when I see my new friend, Astrid, making the same mistake I did of falling for a charming actor who will leave her in the dust the moment some big part comes along, I enlist my friend, LA Rays running back Lincoln Knight, to help me set her up with dependable, disciplined guys from his team.
Lincoln is everything my ex wasn’t—patient, loyal, and there for me and my daughter. And soon, Astrid also sees how amazing he is. When my matchmaking efforts start to push the two of them together, I realize I may have made a huge mistake.

I’m not interested in anyone but her.
I’ve been head over heels for Layla since the moment we met, and I’ll do anything to prove it to her—like dropping her name to convince a director to put her in a new TV show, low-key guilting her ex into helping her with expenses, and respecting all the boundaries she’s put up to keep her heart from getting broken again. I can be patient as her friend until she’s ready to risk her heart on me, even though I know we’re a sure thing.
So when she asks me to set Astrid up with someone on my team, I readily agree. Even though my hands are full with football season and also trying to figure out why the bakery treats I buy from Layla are making people I care about—and no one else—sick.
Now I think her friend might have developed a crush on me, and Layla feels as untouchable as ever. And with her ex trying to slide back into the picture, my time to let her know how I feel is running out.
With more than our hearts on the line, I have to get this play right or … I might lose her for good.

Layla Meets Her Match is a sweet sports romance inspired by Jane Austen’s “Emma.”

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