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Layered (Makeovers #1) by Jason Collins – Free eBooks Download



When the president’s daughter walks into my salon for a glow-up, it isn’t her hair I can’t stop staring at. It’s her bodyguard. But Clay doesn’t need a makeover—he’s totally working the dark and brooding secret service look.
Normally I do the transformations, but it’s me whose life is about to be changed.
Soon I’ve struck up a friendship with the first daughter and a delicious romance with Clay. So it’s a shame to discover I’m falling for a man so deep in the closet he might never find his way out. My life is about living your own truth, and it’s hard being someone’s dirty little secret. It’s even harder when you’re falling in love with him.


Strong, straight-laced, and stoic—that’s what the world expects of a secret service agent. Even when you’re the personal agent to the president’s daughter, escorting her on shopping trips. Even when you meet a guy like Hayden, who changes your whole world.
He’s lively, vivacious, and completely open about who he is. I’ve never acted on my attraction to another man, but I can’t resist him.
Trouble is, I could lose my job if the Secret Service agency finds out the truth about us. Soon I’m living a double life: at work I’m the perfect bodyguard, and at night I’m myself—with Hayden. He hates that I’m hiding him away, and I know I’ll lose him if I don’t find the courage to come out with the man I love.

This is the first book in the Makeovers series. It can be read as a standalone with no cliffhanger.

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