Lawless by Teagan Kade, Sennah Tate (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

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Lawless by Teagan Kade, Sennah Tate – Free eBooks Download


She’s never gone over the edge before, but I’m about to push her.

I’m the brother-in-law who doesn’t play by the rules.
No one delivers between the sheets like I do.
I had it all once—a pro hockey contract, money, an endless line of women looking for that special kind of action only my big stick could provide.
Then I went and screwed everything up.
I let my brother walk away with the best thing in my life.
But he’s gone, and I’m back, ready to take what should have been mine from the start.
Wren’s pretty blue eyes and perfect curves beckon me, still make me iron hard.
She has no idea how bad I want her, how much I dream about her soft lips and tight body.
I know she’s ready for me—all of me, know only my big D can deliver the big O she’s been craving for so long.
Question is, do I go gentle, or do I go hard?

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