Lavish Lies: The Complete Lavish Series by Charlotte Byrd (ePUB)

lavish lies, charlotte byrd

Lavish Lies: The Complete Lavish Series by Charlotte Byrd – Free eBooks Download


This Boxset contains all 3 books in the Lavish Series.

Lavish Lies (Book 1)
When I meet Easton Bay, my perfectly ordinary life as a twenty-something changes forever. Captured and taken to the island of York, I find myself under the control of a dangerous shadow world run by one dangerous man.
Kings, presidents, governors, and senators are all under his influence and his favorite thing is to play games. The only person who seems to stand up to him is his son Easton.
Beautiful, damaged and hateful of everything his father and that world represents, Easton is trying to help me even though I don’t know this yet.
But there’s no escaping this place and the only way out is to win the sick game that his father wants me play.
All but one of us will lose our lives and the only way to survive is to win.
Will I make it to the end? What happens when love finds you in the most unlikeliest of places?

Lavish Betrayal (Book 2)
He used to be my only hope. Easton Bay: a man who’s as ruthless as he’s gorgeous and as tender as he is cruel.
His every touch sends shivers down my spine.
I crave him.
He saved me once, but will he do it again?
He’s a mystery. An enigma. A suspense.
There’s a darkness inside of him. It scares me to my very core. Yet, I pull closer with each breath.
I am an addict and he is my drug.
What happens when it’s not enough?

Lavish Obsession (Book 3)
I don’t know who to believe, but I know that this place is full of lies and secrets.
Easton Bay has risked everything to protect me, but that doesn’t mean that he didn’t do what they accused him of.
I am in love with him. I am supposed to be his wife, but this changes everything.
The King has turned on him.
I’m Easton’s only hope. But it’s only a matter of time before they turn on me, too.
Is my fate is sealed?

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