Last One Still Standing by Lisa Phillips (ePUB)

last one, lisa phillips

Last One Still Standing (Chevalier Protection Specialists #3) by Lisa Phillips – Free eBooks Download


The fight never let them go.

Plucked from a life on the streets and trained as a covert agent, Karina chose loyalty until the secret organization she worked for pushed her too far. Falling for the target on a mission was never the plan. When he turned out not to be the good man she loved, Karina faked her death and built a safe life for their child.
Eas never wanted to wear a mask, but his life is the tragic tale of a boy born into a family at war. Raised in secret, he’s the answer to taking down a powerful company. At the helm is the cousin who murdered his parents, and the sister he needs to rescue from that life.
Now the secret organization has found Karina, and they won’t let her go. His family’s company wants him out of the way, but Eas never wanted to take over.
Between them is the child that represents everything they meant to each other.
Which one of them will be the Last One still Standing?

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