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Tough as barbed-wire cowgirl, Natalie Camden, lives by only one rule – trust no one.

Former Green Beret, Aaron Weber, is sexier than sin and twice as dangerous. He’s also war-weary and broken.

His friendship with Natalie has always been complicated.

He knows there are secrets she keeps hidden under that tough-girl façade. He also knows there is a more than enough soft heat and raw need deep within her to keep him satisfied.

When she asks Aaron to add benefits to their friendship, he agrees with a few conditions.

He’ll take her virginity all for himself and then teach her the power of submission.

She’ll show him how to loosen the binds of control he clings to.

The last thing either of them expected was the passion-ignited flashfire that burns bright enough to illuminate both of their dark pasts.

Aaron vows to find and destroy the man who hurt her.

Natalie seeks to understand the details of the mission that shattered him.

When her past threatens to make a reappearance on Camden Ranch, can she learn to trust him enough to keep her safe?


This is where I normally put a tongue-in-cheek warning about my sexy cowboys. While, Last Call, like all of the Camden Ranch novels that have come before it, has lots and lots of bed-breaking love scenes (no, seriously, there is a broken bed) it also deals with a few other things.

These are things I want to make certain none of my beloved readers might trigger from. This book deals with both Post Traumatic Stress from Aaron Weber’s missions in the Middle East and from the sexual abuse Natalie Camden endured during her childhood.

I tried with everything I am to handle each of these issues with a tremendous amount of respect, sympathy, grace, and dignity and I made certain there are no graphic descriptions of either event.

I always want my novels to be a sexy escape (and never to cause anyone any pain) so I wanted to make certain my readers are aware of what they’ll find between the covers of this book – one sizzling hot former Green Beret, one strong and sassy cowgirl, sexual discovery and erotic intimacy, every single member of the Camden family, a lot of laughter, a few heart wrenching moments, and a tremendous amount of healing and strength.

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