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last call, jenna bennett

Last Call (Savannah Martin Mystery #21) by Jenna Bennett – Free eBooks Download


It’s wedding season in Sweetwater, and plenty of Savannah’s nearest and dearest have paired up to tie the knot. First up are Todd Satterfield and Marley Cartwright – but things take a turn when the father of the groom, Sheriff Bob Satterfield, doesn’t show up in time for the wedding.
Todd and Marley exchange vows anyway – the church is full and the minister waiting – but of course there’s no question about honeymooning in Tuscany under the circumstances. They stay home and, like everyone else in the family, turn their brains inside out to try to figure out what could have happened.
But as the hours and days tick by, Bob’s disappearance remains a mystery. The investigation is only made more confusing, and more urgent, by the discovery of another three missing men from a nearby town.
The next weekend is the wedding of Savannah’s brother Dix to Chief of Police Tamara Grimaldi, and Savannah’s determined that that’s going to take place as planned, Bob or no Bob. She takes over most of the wedding duties from Grimaldi, so the chief of police, along with Savannah’s husband Rafe and sheriff’s deputy Cletus Johnson, can keep scouring the county for any sign of the missing.
But when all four are found, all shot and left for dead in a pickup truck in the Bog, it’s clear that something big is at stake, and getting Bob back in (mostly) one piece, doesn’t mean he’ll stay that way long enough to attend his own wedding to Savannah’s mother two more weeks hence…
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