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last boy, hannah gray

Last Boy (The Puck Boys of Brooks University #7) by Hannah Gray – Free eBooks Download


I never looked back the day I left Sunset Drive. If I did, I knew that I would never leave the hellhole I had grown to despise, a place I began plotting my escape from as a child. The only difference was that I always thought she’d be by my side on the day I was finally free.

The day I left it all behind was the day my hatred for the entire Wilson family was born. Poppy included. After all, she had lied to the police just to protect her monstrous father after he got my parents killed. From that day forward, I decided she needed to be dead to me. They all did. The only thing that mattered from then on was the one thing that had never let me down. Hockey.
She may haunt me in my dreams during those three years we were apart, but that was nothing compared to now when I’m forced to see her at Brooks University. Slowly, my grip on everything else in my life begins to slip away as she becomes the only thing that matters. And when I find her in an alleyway, battered and bruised from two attackers who vow to return for her…I decide right then that I am going to protect her at all costs.
But protecting her means making a deal with the devil, also known as my rich uncle. A deal that will mean I will never get the chance to spend forever with the only girl I’ve ever loved. Poppy Wilson.

It’s a high price to pay, but when it comes to her safety, I have no limits.

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