Lassoed into Love by Rachael Eliker (ePUB)

lassoed into love, rachael eliker

Lassoed into Love (Button Blossom #1) by Rachael Eliker – Free eBooks Download


Farming is my dream life, but one thing I’m not cultivating? Feelings for the handsome new neighbor.

I am not fanning myself because Parker Bingham, the hottest actor in Hollywood, is my new neighbor. If I tell myself that a million times, maybe I’ll believe my racing heart isn’t because of the smile Parker points too often in my direction.
It’s not that I hate Parker. He’s mostly clueless—he can barely outsmart a sitting hen, and doesn’t know the wrong end of a cow from her nose. I only want to keep my distance so I don’t let Parker hurt me.
Not again.
Yeah, we were friends when we were younger, but the real insult? Parker doesn’t even remember me.
It’s fine. I’m too busy to care. I’ve got weeds to pull and goats to milk, plus a new stray cat to care for, so I’ll keep my head down and do what I do best. Work.
Of course, Parker keeps insisting he offer an extra set of hands. Allowing it means more checks on my to-do list, and has nothing to do with getting a front-row seat to him shirtless.
Okay, it’s teensy, tiny perk. One with amazing abs.
Spending time with Parker skirts dangerously close to my heart, where he might see past the razor wire defences I’ve constructed. He’s tempting, but Parker has forgotten me before. The only thing easier than letting love go is never loving at all.

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