Landlord Daddy’s Shy Little by Alice Newgate (ePUB)

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Landlord Daddy’s Shy Little (Landlord Daddy’s Little #1) by Alice Newgate – Free eBooks Download


She is desperate for a place to stay. He just wants somebody to keep an eye on his expensive home while he is away in Houston.

Lizzie’s move into her boyfriend’s house had turned into a disaster and she is set to head for home and put it all down to experience and bad decision making on her part. Her friend Kate has different ideas.
In what seems like too much of a fairy tale like scenario, Lizzie finds herself being offered a house share with an older man. One who is not just deliciously handsome but also very rich.

Ashton is among the most eligible bachelors in Houston. He has more than his fair share of glamourous admirers but he is bored with these made up and money hungry man hunters. What he craves is someone real, someone with a little depth but who will still look up to him.
Lizzie is far too young for him. He knows that to her; he must appear like a man skating dangerously close to being defined as elderly. And yet, somewhere, there is a spark. Could these two find an overlap in what they are both looking for?

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