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lael, serena simpson

Lael (Between Heaven and Hell #1) by Serena Simpson – Free eBooks Download


Rose was on the run. She knew the demons of her past were chasing her. The minute they catch up with her, she’d be back living her old life, which was lived on her back or dead. So, when a little dirt road beckoned to her, she took it, hoping for a place to lay low for a couple of days.

Lael was in the form of a male. When was the last time that happened? Then, he was living, breathing, and walking the earth plane. His hell beast was rejoicing, but he knew that pain was around the corner.

When Rose showed up, he was forced to acknowledge that something had changed in his life. Together they agreed that demons were real and there was one out to kill her. Could they work together to find a way to defeat it? And if they fell in love, would that be so bad?

To be together, they would have to defeat a demon and pray the Mist didn’t come to reclaim Lael.

*This book is for 18 and older

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