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Lady of Providence (The Unconventional Ladies #3) by Ellie St. Clair – Free eBooks Download


A perfect lady. An impeccable duke. A past betrayal that changes everything.
Elizabeth Moreland is seen as the perfect lady, the epitome of grace and propriety. Yet she yearns for the opportunity to work in the world of which she is enamored, a world seemingly reserved for men — banking. When her beloved grandfather passes away, she is both devastated and shocked when the reading of the will reveals that he left all — his inheritance, as well as his senior partnership in the bank — to her.

Gabriel Lockridge, the Duke of Clarence, has everything a man could want, yet is continually bored with life and always in pursuit of a challenge. He is intrigued by the latest fortunes of Lady Elizabeth Moreland, a woman he wronged many years ago. When her cousin requests his help in destroying her reputation and new-found position, Gabriel agrees, though he has other motives in mind.

Elizabeth must learn to fight in order to uphold what she believes in and fulfill the wishes of her grandfather. She has little time to determine the true intentions of the man she once thought she loved, but he is slowly beginning to find his way back into her life. Among all the adversaries against her, will Elizabeth choose to open herself up to the risk of love or heartbreak, or will she remain determined to keep her heart closed forever?

This is the second edition of Lady of Providence, which was previously published.

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