Lady Hannah’s Holiday by Jane Charles (ePUB)

hannah's holiday, jane charles

Lady Hannah’s Holiday (Spirited Storms #5) by Jane Charles – Free eBooks Download


In an unexpected turn of events, Lady Hannah Storm appears to have escaped the great-uncle’s matchmaking attempts, until he issues a dire warning that her position as a companion is temporary. Next spring, she will return from Barbados and marry whichever gentleman the Duke of Danby selects for her—and it won’t be the Marquess of Wingate, the only man Hannah has ever wanted.

Ashton Grell is unprepared to become the Marquess of Wingate when his father’s unexpected death forces the title upon him, along with crippling debt. When Ashton discovers he has inherited a planation in Barbados, he sets sail for the Caribbean and places hope in finding a solution to the threat of looming bankruptcy and a stint in debtor’s prison. What he finds is Lady Hannah, the lovely young woman who had gained his attention in London. Unable to resist her allure, he courts the lady in paradise. But troubles have a way of following a man, and Ashton is in danger of losing his freedom as well as Lady Hannah.

What both Danby and Ashton have both failed to take into consideration, however, is that Lady Hannah does not like being told what she can and can’t have, or in this case, who.

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