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Unlike in canon, Lady Catherine is the youngest of the Fitzwilliam siblings. The current Viscount Hilldale, Reggie Fitzwilliam, is the eldest and Lady Anne is the middle child of Lord Henry and Lady Violet Fitzwilliam, the Earl and Countess of Matlock.
Thomas Bennet meets Regginald Fitzwilliam and Robert Darcy when they are all at Eton together. The three soon become best of friends, a relationship which extends to them being at Cambridge at the same college.
Thomas visits both Snowhaven and Pemberley, and his two friends visit Longbourn during their time at school. When he first meets Cathy Fitzwilliam she is only 12 and Thomas sees a child. He never meets the Earl who remains in London almost all the time with his mistresses.
By the time Lady Catherine is sixteen, they both notice the other and begin to fall in love. They have an obstacle; Lord Matlock is an inveterate gambler and is always looking for more funds. He demands the Darcy’s pay his debts in order for Robert to marry Anne. When Cathy is 18 Bennet approaches the Earl who wants an exorbitant amount of money for her hand.

Thomas is too honourable to buy his love like one would a horse, and for the same reasons he will not elope to Gretna Green with his Cathy after the Earl forbids them to see each other again after Thomas refuses to buy his beloved Cathy.
This story follows their lives torn one from the other. Who do they marry? Do they still love one another, and will they get their happily ever after?

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