Lady and the Mill Worker by Lisa Torquay (ePUB)

lady mill worker, lisa torquay

Lady and the Mill Worker (Ladies & Strays #2) by Lisa Torquay – Free eBooks Download


Some like it rough!

Lady Emma Stapleton was assigned by her brother, the Earl of Worley, to save the earldom. Though she hasn’t volunteered, her task is to marry the richest mill owner in the land and siphon the resources to save the earl. And like sheep walking to the slaughter house, Emma travels to her intended’s mansion to accomplish her mission with dutiful intent. Only she hadn’t counted on colliding with one portentous mill worker capable of dismantling everything she thought right and heat her insides in the process. But her allegiance must be to her lineage and rank even if giving him up feels like tearing her own soul.

Edgard Lynch has been working in that bloody mill since he was eight. Embittered by a life-long exploitation, he has no illusions and even less hope. Yet, when Lady Emma bursts into his universe, she shatters it to its last grain of dust. She’s not to be touched, but he’ll throw ranks and decency to the blazes if it means he can lose himself in her kisses.

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