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Lace Puck (Puck Daddy Academy #2) by Zack Wish – Free eBooks Download


Tommy Jane might be a lingerie loving Little, but that doesn’t mean he’s not deadly too. Tommy is 21 and had the hockey world at his feet before a serious injury put him out of action for eighteen months – and saw him drop in with the wrong crowd and fall in love with the criminal lifestyle.
But a potential lifeline in the form of a place at the Puck Daddy Academy might just be what Tommy needs to harness his special set of skills off the ice and put his hockey career back on track at the same time.
Paolo Totti has only ever known a life of crime. With a sharp mind and even sharper sniper skills, 43-year-old Paolo fears nothing – and has the kill-list to prove it.
Charity isn’t really Paolo’s thing, but when his old friend Danilo Doni invites him to run a sniping class at his newly formed Puck Daddies Academy, Paolo thinks it might be fun – but only as a one off.
Paolo and Tommy’s chemistry sparks right away, and Tommy’s love of lacey lingerie immediately sends the possessive Daddy Dom side of Paolo wild – and Paolo decides to stick around at the Puck Daddy Academy for a little while longer.
But when a face from Paolo’s past turns up looking for revenge, Paolo must decide whether to act out of self-preservation or risk everything for the new boy in his life – all in the knowledge that Tommy’s future will hang on his decision too.

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