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Kwanzaa by Kismet (Kwanzaa Kisses) by Layne Daniels – Free eBooks Download


When I hear our mom has invited my big brother’s awful ex to the family Kwanzaa celebration, I’ve got two options. I can sit back and watch the fireworks, which will be epic. Or I can be a good baby sister, put the principles of the holiday to work, and rescue the brother who’s always been my protector. A little creativity, and I’ve got the perfect plan. I’ll bring a date guaranteed to capture the family’s attention to take their eyes off Darren’s drama.
As it happens, I know the perfect person to ask. Last month the company I work for brought in Hugo Murphy as a consultant for our massive charitable giving launch. A self-made billionaire, Hugo’s famous for donating tons of time and funds charity. I’m positive my good-deeds obsessed mother will be so focused on my date, she’ll be too busy to go messing in Darren’s love life.
It’s a good thing Hugo and I have formed a fast friendship. I’m positive he’ll do me this favor. But men like Hugo don’t get as far in life as he has by being completely selfless, and I probably should have given some thought into what Hugo will be wanting in exchange…

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