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kris, allie scott

Kris (The Players of Henderson Heights #2) by Allie Scott, J. Leigh – Free eBooks Download


They call us players, but we all have a secret…

Kris Connor was born for the water. He learned early on that swimming was his escape. With a single mom working hard to provide, he does what he can to help out, including earning a scholarship to take on his college costs. When his coach mentions a job teaching rich kids how to swim, he decides to take on the project. Should be easy, right?
Beth Montgomery is terrified of water. After a near-drowning incident as a child, she’s avoided anything and everything aquatic. But with graduation looming, she knows it’s time to face her fears once and for all. Her parents even gifted her an island vacation as an incentive. She knows the only way to figure it out is to get back to basics – aka Swimming 101.
She was not prepared to find Kris Connor as her teacher. And she was even more unprepared to find that she liked spending time with the guy everyone thought of as a player.

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