Koalafied for Love by Zoe Chant (ePUB)

koalafied for love, zoe chant

Koalafied for Love (Virtue Shifters #10) by Zoe Chant – Free eBooks Download


Koala shifter Oliver Campbell has spent most of his life working hard at embracing calm, because koalas are anything but: his koala would fight an armchair, given the chance…or a gorilla, for that matter.
But there will be no fighting for this mild-mannered Australian accountant at his cousin Steve’s wedding (reception to be held in Hold My Bear, Steve’s gastropub!), who plans to make the most of his visit to the States. Still, the last thing Oliver expects is to meet his fated mate before the wedding even starts…and now he has to convince her that just because he’s not rough-and-tumble on the surface, he’s still just the man she needs….
Tiffany Wright has carved out a career as a construction boss despite it being a boys’ club. She’s tough as nails on the job and enjoys the finer things in life off it—but whether on or off the job, she has no time for anybody’s nonsense, and wants a man who can hold his own and be a real partner for her. But most men are intimidated by her confidence, and until she meets Ollie, she’s all but given up on her own happily ever after.
The sweet, gentle Aussie doesn’t seem like the kind of man Tiffany is looking for—but it might just be that she needs the calm and gentle Ollie as much as he needs a no-nonsense, take-no-prisoners mate.

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