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Knot Just A Princess by Whitnay Edes – Free eBooks Download


Lost, broken, and confused. That’s what you feel when you lose someone close to you, especially when that someone is your mother and you have no father. What I do have is a stepfather, two stepbrothers, and their friend.
One day is all it takes to change the way you see the world. How did I never see what was really going on in the world around me?
With the help of my family, or should I say alphas, I find myself down a very different path than I planned. All I know is what I feel and see, and to me, this is where I belong. With them at my side.
But, that’s not all I have to deal with. There’s more to me than I ever thought possible.
A Princess? Says who? Why does it have to be me?

Learning about my life as I go will do one of two things: build a better world or tear it all down. Which one will I create?

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