Knot All is Perfect by Holly Monroe (ePUB)

knot all, holly monroe

Knot All is Perfect (Lunarcrest City Omegaverse) by Holly Monroe – Free eBooks Download


Nora Summers is the Perfect Omega.
No, really. That’s what they call her.

The pride and joy of the Design Clinic, every bit of Nora’s genome was specifically chosen to make her the ideal Omega. Luckily for her, she was guided into reaching her full potential.
The core tenets of the Perfect Omega are very simple:
The Perfect Omega must be the picture of beauty and health.
She must maintain a clean, beautiful home and provide for her Alphas by cooking their meals, mending their clothes, and doing household chores.
She must never whine or guilt her Alphas for comfort unless she is in heat.
Above all, she must please her Alphas every day, in every way, deferring to them in every instance.
Doing all of this, Nora just knows she will find her perfect pack. And what pack wouldn’t want the Perfect Omega?

Pack Sloane is not the perfect pack.
Far from it.

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