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Knockout (Heartland Heroes #3) by Lana Love – Free eBooks Download


One protective boxer who teaches self-defense + One curvy woman who needs protecting + An explosive altercation with her ex = A love they’ll both fight for

When Shelly appears at the gym, she’s terrified. It’s my job to teach her how to defend herself, but I don’t expect her to last the full session. Watching her full curves as she learns to box is a distraction that would get me knocked out in the ring.
During our second session, I manage to break through her walls. It’s a rush of hope and expectation when she agrees to go to the county fair with me, to see her favorite band play. I don’t know much about music, but I want to know as much as possible about her, so I’d do anything just to spend time with her. I want to be the man she leans on and who will protect her at all costs.
When her abusive ex shows up and tries to take her from me, it does not end well for him. The fragile connection Shelly and I share is put to the test, and I know I only have one shot at winning her heart.
I know more than anything in the world that I need Shelly in my life on a permanent basis. Laying my heart on the line for her scares me, but I can’t back down. Shelly is a knockout and I’m going to fight to win her love.

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