Knight’s Bright Eyes by Ciara St James (ePUB)

knight's bright eyes, ciara st james

Knight’s Bright Eyes (Pagan Souls of Cherokee MC #3) by Ciara St James – Free eBooks Download


Knight’s life completely changes once he finds out he has a daughter. The months he spends learning to be one and forming a relationship with her has been bumpy but good. He loves her and his club. The only thing his life is missing is female companionship. He has doubts he’ll ever have anything permanent, but he’s come to accept his daughter is his priority, not his love life.
A new club endeavor brings a woman to his notice. Only he gets the wrong idea about her and runs her off. When he finds out he’s wrong, he insists on making it right. And making it right means protecting her, even if she won’t tell him who he and his club need to protect her from.
Natalya seemingly has it all. She’s the daughter of a very wealthy man. She can live a life of leisure and that’s what Knight mistakenly thinks. If only her life was as rosy as everyone assumed. Her run-in with Knight leads to more interactions with him and his club, even though she tries to push them away. It’s not safe for her or them if they continue to associate.
When the club finds her hurt and in danger, they insist she accept their help. This puts her in Knight’s sights daily. As they get to know each other and she forgives him for their first encounter, they, along with Knight’s daughter, Cara, become a family in the making.
Only there’s more than one person who has their own agenda and wants Natalya for their own reasons. Knight and the Pagans have more than one battle to win in order to eliminate their enemies and let Natalya remain forever more Knight’s Bright Eyes, so they can form a family.

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