Kissing My Soulmate by Evan Grace (ePUB)

kissing soulmate, evan grace

Kissing My Soulmate (The Kissing Games #5) by Evan Grace – Free eBooks Download


Lorelei and Jasper Mitchell are the only married couple on what was supposed to be their friends’ wedding weekend, but they have a secret… they aren’t as happy as they pretended to be.
What happens when two people, want two different things?
Lorelei is moving on, or at least that’s what she tells herself. Splitting up from her husband was the last thing she wanted, but to get her happy ending she needed to walk away. Now she’s focusing on her career and trying to stop loving the man she thought she’d grow old with.
Jasper didn’t want to leave Lorelei, but he can’t give her what she wants. He’s got too much baggage that keeps him from his future with the only woman he’s ever loved.
One day he sees her out, and it opens his eyes. Lighting the fire in him to fight for her and fight for them.

They both must face their past so they can try to find their happy ending.
Good thing they’re both ready to fight.

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