Kiss of Sight by Jane Apatova (ePUB)

kiss of sight, jane apatova

Kiss of Sight (Insatiable #1) by Jane Apatova – Free eBooks Download


They say the future is not set in stone. But what if you had the ability to see small glimpses of yours. Would you follow the path laid out in front of you, or would you try to change things? And what of the path itself. Will it satisfy all of your desires to get to the end result?
Helena, a dragon princess of the Kingdom of Fernier, was born with a unique gift. An ability to see glimpses of one’s future through a kiss. After bestowing this kiss on the High King of Drakon, she saw a glimpse of her future. It has been several years since she first saw the vision, and many more have graced her mind since then. She is certain it is time to follow her path but is she correct to do so, or will her vision merely lead her on a wild dragon chase. Will she find her satisfaction and be fulfilled on her road to self-discovery?

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