Kiss of Death by G.K. DeRosa (ePUB)

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Kiss of Death (Vampish #2) by G.K. DeRosa – Free eBooks Download


I never should’ve trusted him.
My entire life I was certain of one thing: vampires were the enemy. Then I met him and let my guard down. That witty banter, those mischievous eyes and gorgeous smile lulled me into complacency. Now I was a prisoner, captured by the very vampire who was responsible for my parents’ death. The rebel king wants to use my wolf to take down the Royal queen, but I refuse to become his assassin.
With the help of an unlikely ally, I manage to break free. A normal person with a target on their back would hide, but that’s not my thing. I’m going back to get my revenge even if that means partnering up with a stupidly attractive vampire. This time, I won’t fall for his advances despite the mystical bond pulling us together.
Between unearthing family secrets, battling fangers, and squashing unwanted advances from a certain vampire, things go from bad to worse. There’s a war coming, and as it turns out, I’m the key to stopping it.
Because surprise, surprise, there’s someone far scarier than the rebel king out there, and he wants me.

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