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kiss and tell, jisa dean

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This is my first big movie and the last thing I want is to mess it up. It hasn’t exactly started out on a great note. My lead, Banner Arden – a man I‘ve had a huge crush on for years, doesn’t like me very much – or at least that is what it seems like when he rants and bellows about stupid things like my age and inexperience – a director quits and we have to find a new one and I, for one, am dreading the love scenes. Just when I think nothing else can go wrong, I end up making the biggest mistake of my life… I fall in love with my lead – Banner Arden himself. One kiss is all it takes to change a life, a destiny, and the future. And Banner has the kind of kiss a woman could lose herself in, so I know I’m in big freakin’ trouble!

I have a certain reputation in my profession. Difficult doesn’t begin to cover it but I bring the money, so I get to tell people how I want it. And the first time I see the new little starlet staring back at me from her photo, I have a gut reaction telling me this woman is mine! But I shouldn’t mess with the sweet little actress. She’s far too innocent and much too young for someone like me. But the minute I kiss her, the minute I hold her soft body in my arms I realize I’m not a good enough man to do the right thing for her. I’m taking what’s mine! I don’t care who knows. This actor is ready to tell the world…

Come and take a glitzy break from reality with the new After Dark standalone book that features Wisteria and Banner, first introduced in book four, ‘In Spade’s’. Banner isn’t just playing the lead character in Wisteria’s movie… he wants the title in the real world too… and what could be better than a man wanting the world to know who he loves and isn’t afraid to Kiss and Tell!

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