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king wands, nicole casey

King of Wands (Stormcloud Academy #3) by Nicole Casey – Free eBooks Download


I’m torn between the Kings. If I make the wrong choice, I’ll condemn myself and the one I love.

With Theo gone and Sol isolated, only two Kings, Zephyr and Arvo, remain. They rule supreme at Stormcloud Academy. Intense, brooding Zephyr promises to keep me safe.
Yet his controlling nature worries me.
Then there’s Arvo. He’s spreading distrust between the Kings.
Full of unsettling insinuations, he sets off alarm bells in my head.
Despite this, my body responds to him readily – And I can’t extinguish my desire for either Zephyr or Arvo.
Underneath their cruelty, they are two young men with dark and tragic pasts.
My soul aches for them, my body craves them.
But with more murders unsolved, I know I need to watch my back.
The Dean wants me to spy on the Kings, Sol wants me to stay away from them.
My raging desire wants all three – Zephyr, Arvo, and Sol.
When I make a misstep, I fall from the King’s grace.
Facing threats and violence, I must figure out a way to survive this dangerous game – if I can.

Tough choices await me in my third year at Stormcloud Academy.
I better make the right ones, or risk ending up in a casket.

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