King of Vegas, Part One by A.J. Wyatt (ePUB)

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King of Vegas, Part One (Kings of Commission #2) by A.J. Wyatt – Free eBooks Download


If you had to choose between family or love. What would it be?

I’m a captive of the Devil of Palermo, the leader of the Camorra. Stuck in a dungeon, I’m oceans apart from everyone I know and every ally in my arsenal. Until a raven-haired siren enters my dungeon, determined to pull from me what her brothers couldn’t. Her form of torture might not be the same as what I’ve had to endure, but it’s torture all the same.
If I’m not careful, she’ll break my heart and crack open my soul.

I’ve only ever wanted to be a part of my family, to show them my worth and take up my place in the Camorra. That’s why I’ll do whatever it takes to get what I want. If it means I have to play a role to get valuable information from a prisoner my brother can’t seem to break, then so be it.
Staying true to my goal is a little hard when I get to know the man hidden beneath, finding a sort of freedom and connection inside of him I didn’t know I was looking for.
By the end, it’s hard to say who will be set free…and who will be betrayed.

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