King Of The Wolves by Lindsey Devin (ePUB)

king of wolves, lindsey devin

King Of The Wolves (Bound By Fate #2) by Lindsey Devin – Free eBooks Download


If you go into the woods, watch out for the big bad wolf…
Like all humans, I avoid Larkinge. The menacing forest is rumored to be home to dangerous animals—none more fearsome than the wolf king. For centuries, those people who ventured into its shadowed range rarely came back out.
But all that is about to change. The King of Mogon has chosen eight warriors to enter the forest to find and slay the wolf king. For better or worse, it looks like I’m along for the hunt.
It’s the only way I can keep an eye on my best friend Cassius, who is a wizard enslaved to one of the warriors in the hunting party. That same warrior will clear my drunken father’s gambling debts if I accompany them. Two birds, one stone. Only I’m not sure I’m any safer with him in Larkinge than I would be on my own.
The only person I trust doesn’t even exist—the mysterious man who comes to me in my dreams. He makes me feel things I’ve never experienced before. It’s as if we’re meant to be together.
But this is the real world, and the man of my dreams can’t save me. Everyone knows the woods aren’t safe and there’s something lurking in the shadows. Or someone.
And they’re not what I was expecting…

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